Our Services

What do We Do?

PacSync is a full scale branding and online marketing company located in Daphne, Alabama, and serving clients from Hawaii to New York. We help build your brand and take it to the next level. From strategy consulting to custom logo design, website development, and the marketing support you need, we’re a one stop shop for your business.

Website Design & Development

Each client is different, so are our designs. We create some of the most beautiful, award-winning designs on the web, all from scratch – no templates. Our designs are solely based on the needs specific to your business and audience. We design and develop sites for small and large businesses alike taking their online presence to levels head and shoulders above their competition. Can your aunt’s friend’s son do that for you? Doubtful.

We always deliver everything we set out to do and everything gets finished in a timely manner. We develop solid standards-based code and ensure error-free cross-browser publishing. Oh, and you can edit your website from any computer in the world that has internet access. How ‘bout them apples?

Logo Design & Branding

We’ll create a custom logo for your business that gets you noticed and represents your business the way you want to be seen. You’ll stand apart from your competition with brand that is memorable and creates the first impression you’re after.

Print Design

No need to look elsewhere to get business cards, brochures and other print collateral. We’ll design your entire branding package to match your identity. Need an advertisement for the local paper or a magazine?

Billboard Design

Lots of highways and major roads have billboard space and we’ll help you get a design for your own billboard advertisement. Get noticed while people are going by!

Search Engine Marketing

You can have the most beautiful website full of useful information… but it doesn’t matter if your audience doesn’t get the, “hey, we exist.”, memo. Although having a search engine optimized website isn’t vital to being successful online, it definitely helps your cause. A search engine is more often than not the first place an internet user visits when looking for a certain type of business or topic. The tools and trends are always changing and becoming more complex, but having the resources and experience we have means we’ll work with you to discover the best, most effective and cost-efficient solutions for you.

PacSync provides strategic Search Engine Optimization Campaigns and Pay Per Click Campaigns, built around targeted key phrases and locations. Please contact us for a free consultation to look at the key phrases and geographic locations that you wish to target, our suggestions for strategy, and review details about the types of SEO Marketing campaigns that we offer.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook this. Tweet that. Where do you begin? Just so happens we have a social marketing nerd that is completely tied-in and focused on all things social. She can show you the in’s & out’s, the freshest trends, must have apps and overall strategy you’ll need to follow to get the most traffic to your online social venues. Pretty soon you’ll be an addict and will require counseling.

PacSync offers plans for getting you setup with social media campaigns, including customizing your social media pages and helping create a strategy for using your social media accounts with your website.

Website & Ad Photography

PacSync offers professional photography services, exclusively with Courtland Richards, to give you the final edge in presenting your products and services on your website or print ads. Photography services can be ordered independently, or as part of a custom project.